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The Benefits Of Private Health Care For Mental Health

When seeking specialist mental health care, being able to access the most beneficial care for your needs is often the key driving factor. You can receive mental health care support through private health care services that are tailored specifically to you. 

There are benefits of both private and national health care, generally, national health care services can often provide the care you need. However, there are particular services that the private sector can provide more efficiently for those seeking mental health treatment at home. Prior to receiving treatment, It is important to distinguish which health care services will provide the greatest support for your personal mental health needs. 

What is private mental health care?

Private mental health care services are provided by independent companies that act separately to the national health care sector. Private companies are able to offer specialist mental health care treatments that may not be available through the NHS. Unlike national health care, these treatments are not funded by the government, but rather they are paid for by the patients seeking private health care services.

Claimont is a private mental health care provider. We specialise in providing mental health support at home for a variety of addictions and disorders. For the last nine years we have been treating those who seek professional support with the following conditions: 

What are the advantages of private health care?

There are many advantages to choosing private health care for mental health treatments.  For many clients, Claimont provides mental health support at home so that you can receive the support you need in a more relaxed setting. 

Through treating clients in their own home, we offer a more comfortable and convenient way to receive mental health care. Rather than having to travel to appointments, or in more serious cases, being admitted into a psychiatric hospital. You can receive treatment in the comfort of your own home which can often make it feel easier to reach out for help. 

In addition, private mental health care is entirely flexible to you and your needs. Claimont offers visiting mental health care services that vary depending on your current circumstance, or in more serious instances, round the clock live-in mental health care where someone is there to provide treatment on a constant basis. 

The services we provide are driven by the needs of our clients, taking the time to build strong professional relationships that encourage positive experiences and lead to successful treatment. 

We understand how working with the right mental health care professional can have a contributing factor to the quality and effectiveness of client’s treatments. Within our services, we have a range of clinicians, registered mental health nurses, psychiatrists, therapists and psychological well-being practitioners. Claimont works closely with the client to provide a practitioner or multidisciplinary team of professionals that can best support the individual’s needs. 

Claimont is dedicated to providing a high quality of mental health care service that will offer the most benefit to your mental health. Our service is driven by the amount of care that a client needs, continuing to treat those who require long-term support.

Why is private mental health care different?

The UK is incredibly lucky to have access to free medical care, the NHS was originally designed to offer free health care services to all members of the public. 

Though in light of the COVID-19 pandemic national health care services have become restricted, prioritising only those with life-threatening illnesses. As a result of this, more people are seeking the treatments they need via private health care providers, particularly for mental health support. 

Receive the help you need fast

For those seeking urgent medical attention, long wait times can often create unwarranted stress leading to further negative impacts on a person’s welfare. Within the private health care sector, client waiting lists are often quite short resulting in quicker wait times to receive treatments. 

At Claimont, we recognise that the longer a person has to wait for treatment can have greater negative impacts on their mental health. We proudly offer quick response and deployment for all levels of care to help you promptly receive the support you need.

Find the most appropriate mental health care professional for your personal needs

It is important to feel that the clinician you are working with is able to offer the level of care that will be of most help to your wellbeing. One of the many benefits of private health care is that you are able to research and seek help from mental health care professionals outside of your local area. 

Claimont offers online assessments and treatments via virtual consultations so that our mental health care services are accessible from anywhere in the world for English speaking individuals.

Private mental health treatment in the security of your own home 

We understand that receiving mental health care can be a very sensitive matter. We offer professional private mental health care at home so you can feel safe and secure in your own environment. 

The treatments you receive are tailored to your individual needs, to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care to aid your recovery.

How much does private health care cost?

The cost of private mental health care depends on the severity and frequency of treatment you may require. Claimont mental health care services can also be covered by private medical insurance. To access mental health care through Claimont you can request a consultation assessment.  

How to get a private mental health assessment

You can receive mental health care at home from Claimont for a variety of conditions across the UK.

In order to receive mental health care support for yourself or a loved one, the first step is contacting Claimont on 020 3941 1995 or completing one of our assessment enquiry forms here. We understand that discussing your mental health can be a very sensitive and delicate matter. Our professional team will always offer friendly and helpful advice to make the process as positive and easy for you as possible.

Contact our team of mental health experts today to begin your journey to recovery.

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