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  • About Claimont

    Claimont Health Limited, trading as Claimont, is an independent healthcare service specialising in the treatment of mental ill health and addiction at home. Since 2012, we have provided highly personalised care to private clients in their homes and local communities. We offer a professional, convenient and discreet alternative to psychiatric hospital admission; we support clients at home to reduce the duration, severity and frequency of their mental ill health by improving wellbeing, increasing self-efficacy and building resilience.

    Claimont is a leading provider of private mental healthcare at home in the United Kingdom. Unique in the independent sector, we deliver a wide range of services via a variety of clinicians, including psychiatrists, therapists, registered mental health nurses, psychological wellbeing practitioners, and support workers with mental health experience. Claimont also works collaboratively with a number of clinical partners in delivering care to individual clients, providing shared care arrangements, and enhancing multidisciplinary services for the greater benefit of clients.

  • Where will I be treated?

    All clients are treated in their own homes and local communities through home visits, 12 hour or 24 hour live-in care.

  • Is the client stay at Claimont kept confidential?

    Privacy is of the utmost importance to Claimont and our clients. We ensure confidentiality through our highly trained, professional and discreet mental health professionals. No third party has access to medical records, health information, or any information about a client’s stay without prior written authorisation from the client.

  • Who will treat me during my time with Claimont?

    Claimont delivers services either via an individual practitioner or as part of a multidisciplinary team, including psychiatrists, therapists, registered mental health nurses and psychological wellbeing practitioners, either visiting your home or living in. On occasions, you may also request or need further clinical or wellbeing input, for example, from mental health occupational therapists, nutritionists or physiotherapists offering physical reconditioning to support rehabilitation goals.

  • How long will treatment last?

    As each case is different, treatment timescales vary widely. An assessment is carried out prior to admission to the service, which will give the clinical team a better understanding of your goals and clinical need. At that point we may be better able to advise on the approximate length of treatment.

  • Is aftercare planning part of the programme?

    The treatment team works closely with the client as well as the family, significant friends, and outside providers, including GPs and consultant psychiatrists, where indicated, to develop a personalised aftercare plan. This would normally involve a managed step-down phase and then a long-term plan to maintain the client’s progress after they have been discharged by Claimont.

  • Is Claimont regulated?

    Claimont is regulated and inspected by The Care Quality Commission (CQC). During the last inspection it was rated as ‘Good’ across all key lines of enquiry (safe, caring, responsive, effective and well-led).

  • Who pays Claimont for their services?

    Claimont is a private, independent sector service. Clients, their relatives or other connected parties, use personal funds to pay for services. It is, therefore, important that funds are available to cover services delivered by Claimont for the duration of treatment. It is not always possible that the NHS will be able to provide a similar level of service if you are no longer able or willing to pay for Claimont services, unless the client is very unwell, as the NHS typically has a higher threshold for provision of services. 

  • Can I use Private Medical Insurance?

    Claimont is able to provide services if you are covered by private medical insurance (PMI) and there is an agreement between Claimont and your PMI provider. You will need to gain pre-authorisation from them before engaging Claimont. PMIs will typically cover up to a certain limit of treatment. It is the client’s responsibility to determine what this is with the PMI provider. At the end of their cover, clients may opt to fund their own treatment with Claimont or be signposted to alternative services.

  • Can I use compensation from personal injury to fund services?

    If you have suffered a personal injury and your care is being paid through compensation, you can request your deputy or case manager to contact us to determine whether our services are available.

  • Can the NHS pay for my care?

    Claimont services are available to Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Local Health Authorities and other statutory sector organisations through individual or service contracts. You will need to contact your CCG or Local Authority if you wish them to fund your treatment with us.

  • How much does a mental health assessment cost?

    A mental health needs assessment costs from £210.00. Contact us for further information about the range of services and their cost.  

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Care Quality Commission | 24 May 2019

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