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As a case manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the people in your care receive quality healthcare services. That’s why at Claimont, we’re here to provide you with an extra layer of support through our neurological and complex care case management support packages. 

Partnering with case managers to deliver specialist support

We work with case management companies to support the continued delivery of high-quality healthcare services for clients with complex needs for neurological and physical wellbeing.

Our specialists at Claimont can: 

  • Offer direct clinical support and coordinate multi-disciplinary teams, including neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians;
  • Support daily living by helping with personal care, shopping, finances and attending appointments;
  • Support clients with educational needs, taking clients to school, college and university;
  • Motivate and support rehabilitation, cognitive activities and support with communication

Complex care health provider supporting case managers

At Claimont, we cater to case managers with complex needs in complex care, rehabilitation, and personal care. Whether your clients are adults, children, or young people who have suffered significant injuries through accidents (needing ABI & TBI Complex Care Support) or medical negligence, our tailor-made packages are designed to ensure that their unique needs are met.

Our case management support packages complement existing care plans, helping organisations ensure their clients have access to up-to-date, personalised treatments and care options that are bespoke. You can be sure that our experience in complex care case management will help enhance your existing process for your current cases.


What can a case manager expect from our service? 

  • A dedicated clinician who will build a bespoke care package to meet the individual’s needs and preferences
  • Regular visits from the clinical team to monitor progress, review service user plans and ensure that all aspects of care are being delivered as expected
  • ​​Comprehensive assessment of the client’s current needs
  • Detailed risk assessments and support plans
  • Regular reviews, with input from all key stakeholders
  • A dedicated account manager to assist with ongoing communication between case managers, clients, and external

​​Whether you’re looking for complex care management services in the form of a support team or you require a complex care management programme, at Claimont, we can provide you with the guidance you need for the duration of your respective case.


Case management referral process 

Claimont receives referrals from case managers who represent clients with a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

Our home care packages range from a minimum 4 hours to 24-hour supported live-in.

Our experienced team works alongside case managers to deliver wrap-around support for even the most complex individuals. With regional teams throughout England, Claimont can promptly arrange assessments and quotations.

  • Rehabilitation underpinned by evidence-based frameworks & measurable outcomes

  • Regular progress reports to inform decision-making

  • Clear and transparent ways of working with solicitors & case managers

Are you a case manager looking for support for any current or prospective cases? Contact us to arrange a conversation.

  • What is your case management process like at Claimont?

    At Claimont, we believe that a tailored service is key to providing the best care possible. When we have received a referral from a case manager, our team will contact the case manager and the client to discuss all available options. This initial stage allows us to assess all the needs and requirements for the case so that our curated plan satisfies the needs of the client.

    Prior to arranging for any necessary assessments or visits, we will create an individual care plan that will detail each care package and associated costs to ensure transparency.

  • How do you create your support packages of care?

    As experienced complex care providers, our work with case managers involves creating bespoke support packages of care. We have extensive knowledge and experience handling various cases, enabling us to provide the best care for each unique client. We ensure that all necessary resources are provided and that high-quality healthcare is always maintained for clients with complex needs.

    Our team is trained to support families and other professionals in creating a safe, caring environment for their loved ones. Using our complex care case management services, we ensure that all clients receive the highest level of care possible. We strive to make complex care more accessible and achievable through our work with case managers.

  • What cases does Claimont provide support with?

    We offer a wide range of support for conditions and neurological impairments, including Brain Injury (ABI and TBI) and Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). If you would like more information regarding the support we can provide for your case management requirements, please contact us to discuss further.

    Additionally, we can arrange assessments and quotations promptly with regional teams throughout England. 

  • Do you handle short-notice cases?

    Yes, we can handle short-notice cases. You would need to contact our case management team and provide the necessary information regarding your case so that we can assess the needs and requirements of the client.

  • What do your case management support services include?

    Our case management support services include the following: 

    • Direct clinical support
    • Coordinating multi-disciplinary teams through the clinical case manager
    • Managing personal care needs
    • Supporting educational needs and motivating cognitive activities. 

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