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Introducing Claimont

Improving wellbeing. Increasing self-efficacy. Building resilience.

“I believe there is no greater environment for care and recovery than in your own home.

I ran my own private practice in London for many years. When clients became very unwell, I found it incredibly difficult to identify professional, nurturing and dependable services that offered them an alternative to a psychiatric hospital. I realised that there were limited options available to my private clients and their relatives who needed additional support outside a clinical setting. I decided to create a service that would offer them a treatment solution at home and in their local communities. This is where the Claimont journey began.”

Dr Vince Gradillas, CEO and Medical Director

Claimont is an independent healthcare service specialising in the treatment of mental ill health and addiction at home. Since 2012, we have provided highly personalised care to private clients in their homes and local communities. We offer a professional, convenient and discreet alternative to psychiatric hospital admission; we support clients at home to reduce the duration, severity and frequency of their mental ill health by improving wellbeing, increasing self-efficacy, and building resilience.

Claimont is a leading provider of private mental health care at home in the United Kingdom. Unique in the independent sector, we deliver a wide range of services via a variety of clinicians, including psychiatrists, therapists, registered mental health nurses, psychological wellbeing practitioners, and support workers with mental health experience. Claimont also works collaboratively with a number of clinical partners in delivering care to individual clients, providing shared care arrangements, and enhancing multidisciplinary services for the greater benefit of clients.

Above all, Claimont is a people business; we value our clients, their relatives and carers, our staff and clinical partners. We are passionate about fulfilling our obligations to deliver excellent services. We believe in strong relational and professional bonds, so often the determinant of positive treatment experiences and outcomes. Our team continuously strive to meet the specific needs of our treatment population, and to drive quality and effectiveness.

Claimont specialises in the treatment at home of clients whose acuity of mental ill health requires them to have more support than simply outpatient appointments but are not unwell enough to need hospital admission or residential rehabilitation. This may include clients who:

  • have long-term mental illnesses affecting their day-to-day function;
  • are suffering an acute episode of illness requiring increased support at home;
  • become acutely unwell and risk further deterioration or admission into psychiatric hospital;
  • wish to have increased support when leaving hospital.

Our clients opt for Claimont for numerous reasons, including: the comfort and convenience of home care; the need for long-term community support; limited access to local services; or previous poor experiences or unwillingness to be treated in psychiatric hospital.

Claimont recognises the importance of being responsive and accessible to clients with a broad range of disorders and budgets, offering continuity of care and high standards of service. Contact us if you believe our service will be useful to you or someone you know.

Career Opportunities

Claimont staff look after clients with care and compassion. Our staff are competent, communicate well, have the courage to make and support decisions that improve outcomes in complex situations, and are committed to delivering high standards of care every day. Visit our recruitment page if these values resonate and you are interested in career opportunities with Claimont.

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