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Claimont offers live-in care as an alternative to psychiatric hospital and home visits to support clients with acute or longstanding mental illnesses. Below outlines the benefits of choosing our service.

Psychiatric Hospital:

  • 24/7 nursing availability;
  • Quick access to increase staff members in event of serious escalation of risk;
  • 2-3 visits weekly by client’s consultant psychiatrist (private hospitals);
  • On-call hospital doctor for prompt advice;
  • Support structure within a group environment;
  • Group therapy sessions; other clients can be a source of further support;
  • Removal from social and biological stressors at home and local communities.


  • Clients have little control over which professionals are involved in their care;
  • On-call hospital doctors can be of variable experience;
  • Nurses have large caseloads diverting them away from direct client care;
  • Hospital surroundings are disagreeable to many clients;
  • Clients have little influence on their environment or which other clients they’re accommodated with;
  • Group therapy can be undesirable due to group size and individual therapy is not generally available.

At Home:

  • Claimont provides live-in services but can also offer 12hr and 24/7 care;
  • Containment and support are at home and provided on an individual basis;
  • Claimont can support clients in other settings (alternative family home, rented accommodation or hotel) if the client and/or relatives believe removing themselves from the current environment would be helpful;
  • Clinical staff, client & relatives (where indicated) agree care plans, including how to manage risk scenarios;
  • Contingency plans are agreed beforehand in the event of an emergency, including access to emergency NHS services or private hospitals.


  • Frequency of visits and contact in case of requiring medical advice is agreed with client’s psychiatrist;
  • Broader range of individual therapy and other treatments (through Claimont or clients can source their own);
  • Clients have more control & choice of clinical staff and care plans;
  • Smaller number of staff, often with more experience, facilitating stronger therapeutic relationships;
  • Familiar home surroundings with family;
  • Less disruption to client’s life overall.

The decision whether live-in care can be delivered at home depends on, amongst other factors:

  • Client or relative preference for live-in care vs psychiatric hospital (see above);
  • Symptom severity & consequences – e.g. potential risks, client willingness to work with home services;
  • Past history of mental illness & risks;
  • Rate at which mental illness is changing or responding to treatment;
  • Household composition (e.g. presence of relatives, carers or young children);
  • Financial resources to cover episode of treatment;
  • Local resources (e.g. access to emergency services, responsiveness of client’s doctor).



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