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Claimont is a private mental health service. There are 4 methods of funding care:

  • Clients’ personal funds, their relatives or some other private party connected to the client;
  • Private medical insurance (PMI);
  • NHS services;
  • Personal Injury insurance.

Clients wishing to fund their own treatment are able to discuss their care directly with Claimont. In the case of PMI funding, clients will also need to gain pre-authorisation from their insurer.

If the client is looking to fund their care either via the NHS or through a personal injury payout, Claimont will only be able to deal with whoever is responsible for purchasing care on your behalf. In the case of the NHS, this will require commissioners, local authorities, clinical commissioning groups (CCGs) or other public funding organisation to agree funding directly with Claimont; for personal injury, the client’s deputy (usually the solicitor managing the insurance claim) or case manager.

Once funding is agreed for an assessment and/or treatment, the process for admission into the service is the same. Subject to location and level of complexity, a Claimont clinician screens clients for their suitability for the service before undertaking an online assessment or in person within 2 working days of the referral being accepted by Claimont.

The assessment includes evaluating the client, looking at past medical records (if available), speaking with relatives (if indicated) and liaising with the client’s medical responsible doctor.

The assessment is taken to the Claimont clinical case review panel, attended by the wider clinical team, for initial recommendations, including whether live-in care is indicated, or to determine the frequency and duration of home visits.

We aim to provide a treatment proposal within 1 working day after the assessment. The duration of care varies considerably and only an approximation of time may be possible at this stage.

Claimont aims to commence care within 2 working days of agreeing terms or thereafter if agreed with the client.

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