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Mental health treatment in Dorset

At Claimont, we are committed to providing treatment for individuals with complex mental health needs. The severity and nature of your mental illness dictates the level of support you require from our team. That’s why we develop a bespoke mental health care plan that is tailored to you. Whilst we provide the exact level of support and care that you need to live happier and healthier, this personal plan can then be used to measure your progress over the course of treatment. We are there to provide as much or as little support as you need.

Our private community mental health service operates in the safety, comfort and familiarity of your own home. We understand everyone faces different symptoms from mental illness and has different needs. That’s why our services are completely flexible to your current condition from the very outset of our service.

Our Dorset mental health services

We offer a range of mental health treatments in Dorset that are designed specifically to reduce symptoms and improve the state of your mental health and overall wellbeing. They range from mild to severe conditions:

If you are suffering from one of the mental illnesses above, our in-home mental health services in Dorset provide the care and support you need to discover a new lease of life. We use a range of therapy methods, and for best possible effect, use a combined approach that treats various aspects of your mental health.

Mental health visits

For mental health conditions that require less-frequent care, our team can travel to you, flexibility, around your desired routine to provide mental health treatment and therapy in your own home. The level of attention you require dictates the length and frequency of visits. Learn more about our home visits here

Full-time mental health care

For severe cases in which round the clock attention is required, our live-in mental health care service provides full-time assistance. The duration of live-in care also varies depending on your condition, circumstances, complexity and severity of the mental illness. The care is delivered by Community Psychiatric Nurses, Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners, and Support Workers who offer mental health experience and includes a range of tried and tested techniques.


Home detox in Dorset

Claimont Health offers home detox programmes in Dorset, England. 

The company provides professionally trained and experienced health professionals who work with individuals to assess their needs and develop an effective detox programme tailored to them. 

Our home detox programmes are designed to help those looking to break free from substance misuse or alcoholism. Our evidence-based treatments are delivered in a safe, secure environment, with medical professionals providing round-the-clock help and support. 

We also offer assistance with nutritional advice, lifestyle changes, stress management, relapse prevention strategies and aftercare services. 

All our services are available at convenient times that work around you so that you can continue your day-to-day life while receiving the treatment you need. 

Through our home detox programmes in Dorset, we provide access to quality care whenever and wherever you need it.

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