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Private Addiction Treatment 

Addiction is highly detrimental to the individual, and significantly affects the lives of friends and family. Typically, the addicted person’s interest revolves around drug or alcohol use, excluding other important aspects of their life. As a result, relationships with others are harmed, and work and social life deteriorates. Not uncommonly, individuals suffer physically and psychologically.

Though the addicted person may be able to acknowledge the damage addiction is having, the condition makes it difficult for the individual to stop using, despite harmful consequences. Common substances that cause these problems include alcohol; benzodiazepines such as diazepam, alprazolam and temazepam; opiates, for instance heroin, morphine, codeine and methadone; and stimulants like cocaine or amphetamines.

For many people, starting a recovery journey from addiction can seem a very steep hill to climb. Often the addicted person will be feeling frightened and lonely. Stopping use of a substance can cause a withdrawal syndrome with severe physical and psychological symptoms of varying degrees. The prospect of going into hospital or residential rehab will be daunting. Depending on the substance and the amount used, this period can be dangerous and potentially life threatening.

Private Home Detox Treatment

Claimont provides a professional and safe detox at home to support individuals in the first stages of recovery from alcohol and drug misuse or dependence, managing substance withdrawal in a supervised and controlled environment to reduce withdrawal symptoms and the risk of severe consequences.

Following a full psychiatric and medical assessment to identify suitability and safety of a home detox, a live-in nurse or companion will support your individual care plan. Usually, this will involve:

  • offering emotional support in your own environment;
  • liaising with the Consultant Psychiatrist, GP or other clinicians involved in your treatment;
  • managing your medication to overcome withdrawal symptoms from alcohol or drugs;
  • helping you to develop healthier routines; 
  • assisting you with preparing food and monitoring your nutritional status;
  • helping with your personal care.

Withdrawal effects and therefore detoxes tend to last between 5-14 days, depending on the substance(s). The next phase of the recovery involves treatment of the underlying factors that predisposed, precipitated or maintained the addiction, as well as treat its consequences, for example, mental or physical ill health, past experiences, social alienation or narrowing of activities.

This journey can often take months and may require a number of different services. Claimont provides support during this journey by way of case management, home visits or live-in companionship. We work with preferred specialist providers (addictions therapists, outpatient or day-care services), supporting attendance to clinical appointments or local fellowship meetings, or sign-posting to other recovery services (e.g. residential rehabilitation).

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