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Claimont is delighted to work with carefully selected partners across the UK and internationally to ensure our clients receive the very best and most appropriate treatment for their mental health condition.

  • Yes We Can Youth Clinics: Centre of Excellence, providing residential care for 13-25 year olds suffering from mental health issues, and behavioural problems.

    More than 330 motivated professionals work at Yes We Can Youth Clinics, helping youngsters and their families get their life back on track. They do this with the following teams: therapists, counsellors, coaches, psychiatrists, case managers, facility and household services, reception, secretarial services, HR, communication, care administration, financial administration, policy, nursing and contract and relationship management.

  • SMART TMS: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an innovative and evidence based approach to treating depression, OCD, and other mental health conditions.

    It’s a non-invasive treatment that uses magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain that can relieve the symptoms of depression, OCD, and other mental health conditions.

    TMS only treats the brain circuits involved in your condition, rather than flooding the brain with chemicals; and unlike medication, there are very few potential side effects.

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