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The Impact of Live-In Care and Home Visits on Mental Health Outcomes

For some people, leaving the house can be incredibly daunting – so much so that they may not even want to try. This is often the case for those struggling with mental illness. Dealing with this through support and therapy can be difficult if you don’t want to leave the house for sessions. 

Luckily, there are home visits from mental health professionals which can help make a big difference. At Claimont, we provide home treatment or live-in care for a range of different mental health conditions in the comfort and familiarity of home. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the impact of mental health care home visits on mental health outcomes. Further reading on the benefits of mental health home visits can be found in our previous blog post: Mental Illness – The Art of Basic Attendance.

Personalised home mental health care

Mental health home visits have long been touted as an effective way to offer private therapy. These visits enable patients to receive personalised care in their own homes, which provides an environment that suits them best. 

Home visits tend to improve patient participation and engagement during sessions. This can help improve mental health outcomes such as greater progress towards recovery goals and a decrease in depression symptoms. This is likely to stem from the individual being in the comfort of their home, which can help with recovery, especially if it’s their first therapy session.

Additionally, mental health home visits offer further access to those living with disabilities who find it difficult or impossible to travel far from home for services. This form of mental health care provides safe and supportive medical services that directly benefit a patient’s physical and emotional health.


Psychological well-being through connection and support

With home mental health care visits also being a one-on-one therapy session, this form of individual psychotherapy offers a feeling of connection and support for those who may find it difficult to attend appointments outside of their house. This can also be coupled with online psychiatry as a different avenue of support in a patient’s recovery journey.

As one can talk without judgement in their own space, a patient is more likely to open up about topics that might otherwise have remained private. The sense of vulnerability and trust often increases one’s connection with their therapist, leading to better understanding between both parties and ultimately a healthier well-being overall.


Identifying early warning signs of mental illness

The private mental health support that home visits bring is an important means of understanding the mental health of an individual. By observing the environment where a person lives and understanding their lifestyle, professionals are able to better gauge the overall health of a person. 

A mental health care professional visiting a patient’s home can be helpful for identifying early warning signs of depression and mental illness, such as changes in sleeping or eating habits, inability to concentrate, or displaying general withdrawal from activities that were previously enjoyed. Of course, assessment of the individual regarding their lifestyle and any concerning symptoms is also essential. 

Ultimately home visits provide a comprehensive view, enabling professionals to gather all pertinent details necessary to decide on the best course of action for diagnosis and treatment.


Coping mechanisms for mental health

With visitations, an individual can be given healthy coping mechanisms and education about mental health based on home scenarios. This provides a clearer visual representation of actions to take to speed up recovery, as they are in a familiar and comfortable environment.

Lastly, home visits offer the benefit of creating a sense of connection between professionals and their clients. This rapport can lead to a greater level of trust and understanding, which is essential for successful treatment. Ultimately, mental health home visits can be a valuable tool in creating an effective and collaborative approach to mental health care.

Home mental health care has become increasingly popular and is shown to have positive outcomes for a healthy mind. Patients have noted that they felt more comfortable expressing themselves in the personal and familiar setting of their own home, which contributed to higher levels of trust. 


Here to help

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We offer treatments for a range of different conditions from the comfort of your home, helping you get the support you require with less upheaval to your routine: 

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