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We are pleased to announce that our name has changed to Claimont reflecting new company ownership.

How has Claimont changed?

During the last eight years, we have provided services to private clients at home, establishing a reputation for delivering highly personalised treatment in South East England.

Claimont is now focused on increasing the range of services we offer our existing clients, as well as making them accessible in more regions and to new sectors, such as NHS, private medical insurance and personal injury. Our new child and adolescent services were recently approved by the Care Quality Commission, which continues to rate us ‘Good’, and we will be announcing further developments in the New Year. We have also increased our regional presence by opening an office in Manchester.

The name has changed, the range of services and regional offering has increased, but our vision and values remain the same.

Claimont continues to provide specialist mental healthcare in the comfort and familiarity of your home. We remain dedicated to providing the highest quality mental health care. Our services – whether through full time live-in mental healthcare, or home visiting plans tailored to each individual’s needs – make a difference and enrich the lives of those who are living with mental illness. 

Our private mental healthcare services are intended for those who:

  • Have long-term mental illnesses affecting their day-to-day function;
  • Become acutely unwell and risk further deterioration or admission into a psychiatric hospital;
  • Wish to have increased support at home or when leaving hospital;
  • Are responding slowly or incompletely to medication;
  • Experience regular relapses when they return home.

Individuals facing mental illness choose Claimont for numerous reasons, including the comfort and convenience of home care, the need for long-term community support, unwillingness to be treated in a psychiatric hospital and more.

All our services are tailored to the individual based upon the condition, the symptoms they are facing, and their current circumstances. We observe the positive impact that our services make on a daily basis and we are committed to continue increasing the range and scope of treatment whilst maintaining our high standards.

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