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With the way we live our lives changing rapidly, it’s important to keep up with the times. We can pretty much do anything online, from shopping to learning to keeping up with long-distance friends and relatives, the internet has made so many things easier and more accessible for all. 

The useful capabilities of the internet don’t stop there however, we can use it in many healthcare settings. Carry on reading to see how we use our online capabilities to help people with mental illness. 

What is Online Psychiatry?

Online psychiatry is the same as ordinary face-to-face therapy, however rather than travelling to a professional healthcare establishment, you receive your therapy online. 

Accepting that you need psychiatric help is a massive step for anyone struggling with their mental health, so receiving the help you need should be as accessible and simple as possible.  

Along with many more benefits, using online psychiatry services means you can receive the help you need without leaving the comfort of your own home, which can sometimes hold people who are seeking help back from getting the help they need. Sessions are with real, experienced and qualified psychiatrists, but are attended virtually, via a computer or laptop. 

6 Benefits of Online Therapy

  • Time  

One massive benefit of online therapy is that you cut out the hassle of travelling to and from your appointments. This means that you can attend your appointment without having to cancel other priorities or reschedule your day. You could attend your appointment on your lunch break and return straight to work when you’re done! 

  • Accessibility 

There are many reasons as to why someone may not be able to make it to their in-person psychiatry treatment. Perhaps they don’t drive. Maybe they have a physical disability which makes them unable to leave the house for prolonged periods of time, or maybe they just live in a remote, rural location. Online psychiatry solves the problem of receiving treatment for these people, it offers you someone ready to help you at the click of a button, wherever, whenever. 

  • Privacy

Getting help isn’t something you need to hide, however it might not be something you want everyone in the village to know about. If you’re worried about bumping into someone you know on the way to your therapy and having to quickly make up a story about where you’re going, then online therapy takes the risk away. 

  • The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Being at home makes people feel more comfortable rather than being in a setting that they’re not familiar with. To someone with mental health problems, being in new places can actually be really daunting and frightening. To get the most out of your therapy, you need to be able to open up, and being comfortable, on your sofa in your own humble abode can help you to do this. 

  • Cost Effective

Good mental healthcare should be affordable for all. Online psychiatry can be more economically beneficial in a few ways. It can mean you don’t have to have time off work, but it also means that you can take shorter sessions as often as you need them. And not to mention cutting out the cost of transport to and from your appointment. 

  • Online Prescriptions

A Consultant Psychiatrist can prescribe medication when absolutely necessary. This means you can get your prescription quicker and easier compared to getting given one in person. 

Is Online Therapy effective? 

In short, yes. 

Online Psychiatry is just as effective as face-to-face therapy, the research backs this up! 

In America a study was carried out on 119 veterans who were randomly given either online psychiatry or in-person treatment. The outcomes were comparable and the veterans said that they were ‘equally satisfied’ with their treatment, whether it be online or in person. 

How do I get Online Psychiatry?

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