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At Claimont, we support case managers in delivering specialist care packages for clients with acquired brain injury or traumatic brain injury. Our specialists use their expertise to build trust and ensure brain injury package works effectively and in line with the required standards of care – giving our clients the support they need and deserve. 

Providing support for ABI rehabilitation

Our acquired brain injury rehabilitation specialists are trained to provide direct clinical support and coordinate multi-disciplinary teams, including neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, occupational therapists and dieticians. 

Our brain injury case management services also help patient’s daily living routines such as personal care, shopping trips, finances and attending appointments; motivating and supporting cognitive activities; and provide valuable assistance with communication issues. We can also help those who need assistance with educational needs and accompany clients to college or university – ensuring no doors are closed to them due to their condition. 

We tailor our ABI & TBI case management services based on specific needs and requirements, taking into account family situations, economic backgrounds, cultural relevance and many other factors that can impact a client’s situation. We take great pride in providing person-centred services that put people at the heart of the process for our acquired brain injury rehabilitation. 


Making your life easier as a case manager

We understand the pressure that ABI case managers fall under when dealing with acquired brain injury cases – our team is always on hand to provide support. We handle all the paperwork and communication with third parties, allowing you to focus on your client’s treatment and ongoing care. Whether in-person or virtual comms, we can keep you updated throughout the lifetime of a case.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing how our acquired brain injury specialists can support your case management needs.


Choosing Claimont as an acquired brain injury care provider

Our team’s priority is providing comprehensive support that can help manage various aspects associated with acquired brain injury. We understand that each case is unique and will require specialised care as part of an individual recovery process. For case managers, ​we can help reduce the strain with our specialist support packages for all involved.

We will work closely with you to formulate tailored plans based on the individual’s needs and preferences, including maximising independence in daily functioning. Alongside this, we also provide counselling services for family members to ensure ongoing emotional support for the client’s loved ones. 

Our comprehensive ABI case management service includes everything from building care packages to total onward planning and needs assessments. So you can be sure your clients benefit from a fully rounded service with us every time. Contact us today to learn more about our traumatic brain injury support services and how we can help you provide efficient case management for your clients with ABI and TBI. 


Acquired and traumatic brain injury service

Our bespoke approach allows us to work with very complex individuals with varying levels of traumatic brain injury.

With experience in providing traumatic brain injury treatment and support, many case managers have trusted our commitment to delivering proficient services across the country. With years of experience in the industry and focused dedication to a great service, many case managers have been assured knowing that their patients are receiving the appropriate level of care and attention from our team at Claimont.

We are also registered with CQC and rated good. With an excellent track record working with case managers, we have developed expertise in delivering person-centred care and support for people in their homes.

  • What is your process for acquired brain injury support?

    At Claimont, we provide a comprehensive person-centred care and support service. We’ll begin by meeting you to assess the requirements of the case, then work with you to help the client and their family members to build customised packages of care. 

    We always aim to work closely with case managers to ensure the best outcomes for a client recovering from a traumatic brain injury. Depending on brain injury case management requirements, we’ll deploy an appropriate support for the case so that the client has a tailored programme for their acquired brain injury support. 

  • How do you create your support packages of care for acquired brain injury?

    We work with case managers to create tailored packages of care based on each individual’s needs and preferences. We provide comprehensive support, including:

    • Multi-disciplinary teams 
    • Assistance with daily living activities
    • Cognitive rehabilitation 
    • Communication support
  • How large is the Claimont team in providing traumatic brain injury care?

    We have a team of highly qualified and experienced specialists. This includes registered nurses, therapists, counsellors and social workers who are dedicated to providing the highest standard of care for every client. We also have an extensive network of local partners across the country that can give more support if a case requires additional resources. Regardless of the conditions of the brain injury, our brain injury case management services can be constructed based on the client’s circumstances.

  • How do you support clients with traumatic brain injury?

    Our level of support for case managers includes developing individualised plans of care tailored to each client’s needs and preferences, as well as offering continuous monitoring of progress and outcomes. All this is to ensure the most effective and appropriate level of care is provided. 

    Our TBI support service will ensure that throughout the duration of the case, the client is receiving the care they need.

Claimont is currently working in partnership with commissioners to support the continued delivery of high-quality mental health services. Contact us to find out more.

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