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  • Partnering with a Integrated Care Board (ICB) and Mental Health Trust

    • Claimont mobilised a Mental Health Reablement Service within two days;
    • Service is overseen by a Nurse Consultant and staffed by experienced Senior Mental Health Support workers;
    • Integrated with the local Mental Health Trust Team, Claimont has bolted on an additional pathway to relieve pressure in the health & social care system;
    • Support for mental health patients, with additional care or reablement needs, that can be safely met at home;
    • Claimont is preventing admission to inpatient NHS mental health settings;
    • Claimont is supporting discharge from inpatient NHS.
  • Supporting NHS CAMHS

    Claimont works with NHS providers and commissioners to deliver packages of support for CYP with a range of complex needs including:

    Examples include:

    • 24-hour support at home or in hospital – 1:1 or 2:1;
    • support to facilitate timely discharge;
    • community support to avoid hospital admissions;
    • Home treatment interventions. 

    Our RMNs and experienced Support Workers work with the wider multidisciplinary team to deliver timely, bespoke interventions to support vulnerable young people.

  • Offering Bespoke Community Support

    Claimont design and deliver bespoke support and treatment packages to allow patients to live in their own homes. Our Clinical and Support teams work alongside Health and Social Care professionals, the individuals we support and their families to deliver truly person-centred support and care.

    Claimont enables individuals to become more independent, helping to develop daily living skills and encouraging community opportunities. 

    Claimont can support patients with:

    • Complex Mental Health Needs
    • Autism
    • EUPD
    • Eating Disorders
    • Learning Disabilities
    • Alcohol or substance misuse

    Claimont accepts referrals from NHS and Local Authorities and supports the Transforming Care agenda. 24-hour support delivered up to 3:1, with an emphasis on recovery, with support levels and plans reviewed regularly.

  • Specialist and Forensic Mental Health Services

    Claimont’s model of bespoke support and treatment allows us to deliver forensic services.

    Working closely with the NHS, Local Authorities and other stakeholders, Claimont can design bespoke support packages for complex individuals with forensic history; or who have been assessed as being at risk of offending.

    Our team is experienced in the design and delivery of specialist community placements, with significant forensic experience.

    24-hour packages can be commissioned ranging from 1:1 to 3:1 support – ensuring we can support even the most complex individuals.

    Throughout discharge planning and transition, we work closely and collaboratively with the MDT, ensuring all stakeholders are involved.

    Claimont’s bespoke packages provide robust support; whilst ensuring restrictions are minimised.

Director of Operations, at a NHS Mental Health Trust

“As an NHS Mental Health Trust, we approached Claimont in partnership with our NHS Clinical Commissioning Group’s Head of Mental Health Commissioning. Our local mental health services and staff were under significant pressure and we wanted to maintain the delivery of high-quality services to our patients and improve system flow. Within a matter of days, the Claimont team had put in place a community-based reablement service to both reduce admissions by offering appropriate care in the community and support the discharge of patients back into the community with tailored care plans. Thanks to Claimont’s ability to rapidly mobilise a patient-centred, community-based mental health service so quickly, system pressure was relieved and we were able to maintain the delivery of high-quality mental health services.”

“The service is performing well and meeting our expectations.”

Care Quality Commission | January 2023

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